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1. Validity

These general conditions are applicable to all of our sales. All other conditions provided for in an order form or in any other document emanating from purchaser will be regarded as not being applicable.

2. Purchase Order

Orders and offers are binding only when given or confirmed by a written form or if the ordered products have been delivered to the purchaser. Offers are without engagement.

3. Delivery Times

The delivery time mentioned in our offers and orders is not binding. In case of incidents of force majeure or failures of the purchaser or in delivery on the part of our suppliers the delivery time is extended on a proper scale or exempt us from the obligation to deliver.

4. Procedures for deliveries

For the delivery of the goods buyer shall bear all risk of loss or damage in transit.

5. Freight costs

Orders above 250,00 EUR will be delivered free in the EU. Otherwise there will be a charge of 35,00 EUR. Outside the EU appropriate costs will be charged.

6. Payment

Unless otherwise agreed, our invoices are payable due net within ten days from the invoice date. In case of payment using bank transfer or by check the payment obligation is fulfilled, when the amount has been credit our account. Overdue accounts are subject to a default interest customary in banking or reminder charges of 5,00 Euro. In the case of a new business relationsship, nexttec may request pre-payment.

7. Liability

Our products are offered for laboratory use only and are not intended for diagnostic, medical, food or home use. The absence of a hazard warning sign does not indicate that the product concerned is harmless. Nexttec shall therefore not accept any liability for damage (to any property or person) that could arise from the inappropriate handling or storage.

Our liability for any loss or damage resulting from any failure by nexttec to deliver the Goods (or any of them) promptly or at all shall not exceed the sale price (exclusive of VAT) of the specific Goods to which the relevant order relates.

Information and data included in brochures, publications and other printed or electronic media are correct and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief. Nexttec hereby disclaims any liability for any possible errors or misprints.

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As at September 2006