nexttec™ Biotechnologie GmbH - the fastest way to get PURIFIED DNA - tested millions of time

nexttec™ 1-Step is the easiest handling and fastest DNA purification system containing a single buffer system and a 1-Step DNA purification after lysis in 4 minutes.



The nexttec™ 1-Step technology is a reversal of the usual, known DNA purification systems (silica membrane or magnetic beads). Proteins, detergents and low molecular weight compounds are retained by the nexttec™ sorbent.

DNA passes through the nexttec™ sorbent during a short 1-Step purification procedure:

  • 3 minutes: incubation
  • 1 minute: 700 x g or 1 min vacuum.

The purified DNA is suitable for all common enzymatic reactions (restriction digests, real-time PCR, PCR, genotyping etc.). more about the nexttec 1-Step products!